Akash M Dubey

  • "People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do it"
  • Core expertise: I scale ideas to business and take it from 0 to product that wins customers & business. Strength across Product Management (From ideation, strategy, design, development, implementation & execution, launch, customer discovery)

  • Professional dynamic work experience with startups as well as companies like Accenture - Google Innovation industry X, Harvard Innovation Labs, . Impacting Business with Product Roadmaps, Vision, Priortization, Driving revenues growth & Data Strategy solutions; Transforming Org with Data driven decisions, Driving engineering & strategy, business Intelligence solutions to impact business and customer.

Driving innovation since 2016


Work Experience

3+ years

  • 1

    Vice President, Product Manager

    Working as Vice president, scaling ideas 0 to product and responsible for strategy & customer experience, and driving teams to innovate business and products @ chase 

  • 2

    Product Manager @ Google DSC

    Jun 2021 - Present
    Powered by Google, as a DSC Lead, i am leading high impacting innovative tech development projects across different countries, in order to provide the club with meaningful content and participation for all the meetings and events & serving as a direct liaison between Google & Educational Institution 

  • 3

    Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant @ Northeastern University

    | January 2021 - April 2021 | 4 months
    Leading 80+ students for advance concepts like Business Tech. solutions, Database Systems Design & Business Intelligence etc.

  • 4

    Product Strategy Co-op @ Nix Biosensors, Harvard innovation labs

    | August 2021 - December 2021 | 5 months

    Led & contributed to Product management & Data engineering intiatives to successful outcomes 

  • 5

    Innovation Product Manager @ Academic technology, Northeastern

    | May 2021 - July 2021 | 3 months
    Led data strategy initiatives to transform reporting systems leading to increase in decisions rate for core managment team to achieve business objectives 

  • 6

    Innovation PM Associate @ Accenture (Accenture-Google Business Group)

    | December 2017 - June 2019 | 1 year 6 months
    Led Technology projects from solution vision, design, user requirements to test cases, deployment satisfying client expectations  

  • 7

    Entrepreneur / Product Manager @ Vaisansar

    | Apr 2016 - Dec 2017 | 1 year 8 months
    Led teams, cross functionally with Finance, Operations & Engineer teams to define metrics & implemented KPIs for model, Launched 2 products

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What People Say about me


  • " Akash is a hardworking and dedicated individual whose contributions to Academic Technologies were key to our data strategy and initiatives. During his time in in group, he worked diligently to help our projects succeed. He's an upbeat and supportive team member, and I am glad to recommend him as part of any team"

    Lindsey Waterbury, Director at Northeastern University
  • " Akash is hard working and smart as well, gives 100% to the task assigned to him and is a quick learner with guidance provided. He is very supportive for business decisions with his communication skills within the project. He is strong ownership taker and doesn't let any stone unturned. His expertise in business intelligence, product analytics & product management has earned my high recommendation for any firm that hires him for future "

    Suman Prajapati, Senior Software Engineer @ L&T
  • "I had a pleasure of working with him and was amazed by his problem solving skills.
    His technical understanding and concepts of Data Analysis, Business Intelligence & SQL are impressive and combined with his logical skills makes him the perfect and valuable asset to any Company. With his focused and committed attitude, he handled multiple projects at a time and delivered quality outputs. He is always up with his innovative and creative ideas both on professional and personal front.
    His passionate attitude towards learning new techniques is commendable. In addition to this, his participation in the events at work place sets up a perfect example for work-life balance.!
    It feels great to be part of his professional network as there's lot to learn and imbibe from him"
    As a team member, Akash earns my highest recommendation.!

    Ajit Chaurasiya

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